food for action!
A successful business not only needs a good idea and a well done businessplan. It also needs: customers. Understanding consumer needs & behaviors and adjusting a business to it is therefore key for a start-up. In a seminar of the Junior Chamber International Basel I could point out this importance to an audience of swiss business founders. With inspiring insights and by sharing some methods of our daily business at break/through I could give the audience some "food for action!" to integrate the identification of customer behaviors and adjustments to consumer needs into their roadmap for developing and defining their businesses.

b/t on Swiss tv

If you ever wondered what this whole "innovation & research" thing is all about, but never had the chance to actually get an answer from me, I have some good news: Shortly we got visited by Swiss TV Channel SF1 and they were so kind to broadcast a feature about break/through. That 4.11 min long piece pretty much wraps up what we do all day long and also takes a peep into the how.

2 Years @ b/t

730 days passed by like a fast-train but today I realized that it´s my second Jubilee at break/through. Not that I have a lot of time to celebrate: I´m currently sitting in a train from one research to the next in-house observation. But – like coincidentally – the next research will include some yummy dinner..... Sounds like i improved my project management skills quite a bit.
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Cologne International Furnishing Fair IMM is the place to be for new & hot design furniture releases. For 2009 I felt that this had to be counterparted. As an ironic statement and a reflection of our daily life I exhibited the non-furniture "work-life balance".
how is your work life?...


The borders between our analog real life world and the digital universe become blurred more and more. In an experimental web application that just went online I try to explore that transition. space02.com turns a personal memory or experience into a unique digital gift by virtually owing the location where that moment took place. By becoming the virtual owner of any spot on earth anyone can show the community what makes this place a special space. The site is brand new, and for sure you find lots of things that need tweaking and improving.
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working @ b/t
Wow. Time went fast. In this second of traveling from one User-Observation to the next I try a short resumee of my first 9 month at b/t: From beer to backpacks, from modelmaking to artdirection of a video-clip from shower-observations to leading projects: I wasn´t bored any sec.
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Everybody say that live in Switzerland is going slow....well, that´s a myth. Beside the cosy Fondue nights, live and people are running quite fast. Observation was part of my studies and is now one of my favorite part of work. And this country – although it´s so close to mine – shows every day that normality is just a question from where you look at.
impressions after 6 month...

After 9 years in Cologne, after graduating from KISD, and after some years of freelancing I decided to try out something new: I start as a contractor at break/through in Basel. The Innovation think n do tank is specialised in consultancy of mostly global player companies in their innovation strategy and product development.
New Job, new city, new flat, new challenges. Short:
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American Fortune cookies are the best. After laughing about the first (You will meet influential people), I got another one (Use your skills). I better do, I thought, one day before the final presentations. The third (Your dearest wish will come true) made me almost believe in that oracle after getting this job-offer:
eat fortune cookies...

bag for timbuk2
Once a year timbuk2, a manufacture company for bike messenger bags from San Francisco, asks CCA students to design new bags to expand their product portfolio. A delicate exercise, due to keep in mind the core target group - the conspirative bike messenger community.
How to become an urban hero...

Egg Cooker
An egg-cooker is a home appliance made for preparing boiled eggs like breakfast eggs or the coloured ones during eastern time. My In-house research showed that for the rest of the year it mostly lives in the back corner in your kitchen cabinet – till now!
are you a 3 or 5 minutes...

more process
Quantity or Quality? An important lecture I learned abroad is the importance of showing the process. It´s good for you as a designer to easily go back in progress if necessary. It´s also good for your clients because they get an answer before any "how and why" questions.
see if you like it

CCA California
What a surprise. Just after finishing the internship in Berlin and painting my room back in Cologne I got invited to study a semester abroad at CCA in San Francisco. Industrial Design in California, could it be any better?
californian lifestyle...

FATBOB – minipop

In cooperation with the "International Sweets and Biscuits Fair" students from KISD Köln International School of Design exhibited visionary sweets and packaging concepts.
better don´t mess...
Sagmeister – non.stereo

Exhibition design for the artwork of Stefan Sagmeister
Owner and Artdirector of Sagmeister, Inc, New York.
Interior design and exhibitionsystem.
making sagmeister happy...

Periphery & Design

To analyze, if there is design from the periphery and how it influences our the german product range and buying patterns we interviewed retailers from Brasil, Russia, India, Iran, Turkey, China and Ghana about their relation to Design.
intercultural surprises...

“L” is the fundament of the minimalistic furniture series.
Plain and simple appearance, easy to mount.

chair in a bag...


It´s cheap, it´s big, it´s blue and almost indestructible. 4 reasons to keep it. But mostly in a hidden spot where it is sure that it will be forgotten. Do you know what I am talking about? The IKEA-bag. Where is yours? In this 4 day workshop we digged out our bags and found new concepts for it.
still missing ...

foldable boat
This pre diploma thesis' goal was to construct a light and foldable boat. All parts needed for the 2,5m backboat are stored in the bag during the hike and weigh 3.5 kg. Without the boatparts it can be used as a allday backpack.
hike & paddle...
Automatic Cafe
Bar and gastronomy concept.
In just 4 month a group of nine students founded a company and opened a Hotspot in Colognes nightlife and cashed quite a good return.
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