FATBOB – Supersizing Lollipop

Expands to more than 1000% of its original size.

For everyone, who likes to be a bit sassy at times, its time to get in the ring with FATBOB. From the outside FATBOB seems to be a much too small, if not dinky, lollipop, which is often underrated.

After a short period of licking though, you will discover that FATBOB keeps a stiffer lip than expected. The outside layer of FATBOB consists of a harmless looking sugar coat. While the sugar dissolves though, the confrontation with FATBOBs power will surprise you. The sugar coat shatters; the inner substance of FATBOB extends to a size more than 1000% as big as the original within seconds and challenges the consumer to a jaw-breaking thrill.

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