timbuk2 – URBAN HERO
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Once a year timbuk2, a manufacture company for bike messenger bags from San Francisco, asks CCA students to design new bags to expand their product portfolio. A delicate exercise, due to keep in mind not to lose the core target group - the conspirative bike messengers. To find a good concept I dived in San Francisco´s bike subculture, rode fixed gear bikes (without breaks !!) and learned to skid to stop and not to get killed by cab-drivers.

Main output of the observation was that a lot of people don´t want to carry a bag – although they carry a lot of small things. The brand-relevant insight was that everybody recognizes timbuk2 bags from the back because of the colors – but nobody could tell this from the front – due to rather boring black straps.

Aim was to design a not destructing light bag which will be recognized from the front from 1000 yards. Dedicated to San Francisco´s subculture I picked the topic of a superhero strap with invisible weapons: 6 different functions support the Urban Hero in his or hers adventures. It keeps camera or keys. The innvoative iPod bag keeps thefts away but gives full controll. Rain-hoody and a back safer say "piss off" to nasty weather. And in case superwoman gives the mission to shop groceries, the back-safer turns in to a big shopping-tote. To stand out from the other heroes the strap can be customized with a personal belt-buckle. Ride on – safe the world.

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